Community: Jericho
Location: West Bank, Palestine
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 21, 2008
Age: 10
School: Terra Santa PS
Grade: 5
Ahmad is a spirited and funny young boy who likes to play and have fun. When he is not busy helping his family or studying for school, Ahmad enjoys playing soccer. In fact, he hopes to be a famous soccer player one day. His favorite food is Shawermah and his favorite animal is the Cheetah. Admad's favorite color is blue.

Ahmad's Unmet Needs

Basic Needs
The Cultural Learning and Recreation Center hosts our after school program for young students where they can play table games, video games, exercise and sports. In this environment they are cared for and attended by trained counselors who lead them with care and concern for their character development. Good sportsmanship, fair play and respect for each other and the facility is taught to all who enter.

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